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DNN SEO URL Firendly URL Dashes in Tabname

So in DotNetNuke you want the SEO friendly URL like my-web-page-is-cool.aspx correct? Well unless you want to purchase the $120 deal and learn it, go ahead, but for me I just needed the dashes, that's all, didn't want to pay $120 for a thrid party module, ya know?

So I came across this post: http://rubicite.com/Tutorials/DotNetNukeFriendlyURLSeparators.aspx which I had to modify my DNN source with C# so get the code, open it up and go to the library/commons and globals and change this function:

 public static string GenerateTabPath(int ParentId, string TabName)

 To this:


public static string GenerateTabPath(int ParentId, string TabName)
            string strTabPath = "";
            var objTabs = new TabController();

            if (!Null.IsNull(ParentId))
                string strTabName;
                var objTab = objTabs.GetTab(ParentId, Null.NullInteger, false);
                while (objTab != null)
                    //strTabName = HtmlUtils.StripNonWord(objTab.TabName, false);
                    string S = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(objTab.TabName, "[\\s]+", "-");
                    S = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(S, "[^\\w-]*", "");
                    strTabName = S;
                    strTabPath = "//" + strTabName + strTabPath;
                    if (Null.IsNull(objTab.ParentId))
                        objTab = null;
                        objTab = objTabs.GetTab(objTab.ParentId, objTab.PortalID, false);

            //strTabPath = strTabPath + "//" + HtmlUtils.StripNonWord(TabName, false);
            string S2 = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(TabName, "[\\s]+", "-");
            S2 = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(S2, "[^\\w-]*", "");
            strTabPath = strTabPath + "//" + S2;
            return strTabPath;


Rebuild the "Library" upload new DotNetNuke dll and you are set, work like a champ, it's getting ready to be used on http://DTGDNN.noptm.com, then on their live site: Direct to Garment Printer


Hope this help someone else! Let me know if you want the dll, mine id, but for if you like shoot me an email and for $40 I will take current version of DNN amd update the dll for ya if you have a different version.!


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