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BlogEngine XML Migration Provider

So on my TimMaxey.com blog I am using BlogEngine.Net, a great opened source Blog software! I am not sure which one I like better, this one (SubText) or BlogEngine. (I am leaning towards BlogEngine for the XML provider...

So anyway I was using MySQL as the provider for my blog over there and I wanted to change it to the XML provider. I found a great article and zip file for the migration. It also works for going from XML to a Database, but I hadn't tried that yet.

Worked like a champ, but remember to change ALL DEFAULT providers in the web.config to the the xml provider. I orginally only set the first one in the web.config and kept getting garbage characters when I tried to login, finally realized I didn't change the security, roles etc provider deep in the web config to the xml provider. All good now!

Here the post: http://www.nyveldt.com/blog/page/BlogEngineNET-Provider-Migration.aspx


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